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 SQL-Studio (formerly Informix-Studio) (Picture)

What can SQL-Studio do?
SQL-Studio combines the opportunity of administrating several Infomix- and MySql-servers with the ability to view and edit data as well as change data structures.
You are able to debug SQL scripts and SPs.
This software requires for Informix a minimum of version 2.40 of the client library SetNet32. Version 2.81 is recommended. MySql needs a minimum of version 4.1 of the client library "libmysql.dll". Version 5.0 is recommended.

Which Informix versions are supported?
SQL-Studio was tested with version 7.3, 9.3. 9.4 and 10.0 under SUN-Solaris, HP-UX and Microsoft Windows.

Which MySql versions are supported?
SQL-Studio was tested with version 3.x, 4.x and 5.x under Microsoft Windows.


SQL-Studio has a liberal Licence agreement.

Except where otherwise noted,
all of the software and documentation included in SQL-Studio is copyrighted by Soft-Solutions T. Greiling.

Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Soft-Solutions T.Greiling. All rights reserved.

This software is provided "as-is," without any express or implied warranty.
In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

The acquisition of the registered version of the software permits the use of the software on as many as desired computers, however only under one user.

The use of the test version is possible without restrictions.
Functionalities are limited after the test phase however to the rudimentary functions.

The copyright messages, which are embodied in the software and the documentation may neither changed nor are removed.

Available Editions
Function Test Standard PRO
Advanced SQL editor X X X
Table editor X X X
User administration X X X
Script debugger X X X
Procedure debugger X   X
Function debugger (only Informix) X   X
Trigger debugger (only Informix) X   X
FTP client X   X
Telnet terminal X   X
Server administrator X   X
Online update X X X
Comparison X   X
Online graphs (server health) X   X
Constratins editor X X X


As soon as you are registered (until further notice) all updates are free, provided that you get the latest version yourself by downloading it. Just install the new (Shareware) version over the old one. The only important thing is to keep the file ifxstudio.key.
Naturally you can use the integrated update function.

Attention! If there will be a problem with updating two language files for the database drivers, please create the subdirectory "PlugIns" within your install directory and start the update again.


SetupSQL-Studio is supplied as installation package (eg. ixssetup.exe).
Installation package:
Close all running programs (incl. IfxStudio).
Double click the file IXSSetup_xxx.exe.
The installation program will prompt you to choose certain options and to specify the directory path into which IfxStudio will be installed. Should you be uncertain, please use the default settings.
After successful installation, the program can be started via the START menu.
Download on Aptrio Download Store

Download latest 30 days test version of SQL-Studio from this site

Older versions:
Informix-Studio 1.5.1
Informix-Studio 1.0.0
Informix-Studio 0.9.8
Informix-Studio 0.9.5

Online-Registration of the standard version via share-it! (€ 40.-)

Online-Registration of the PRO version via share-it! (€ 100.-)

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